Hello, I'm Donggyu Lee 😎

I'm an innovator, developer, and entrepreneur. You can think of me as a developer, farmer, or teacher. I'm the founder and currently working on take up, where I creating a new paradigm for coding education with step maker, and building artificial intelligence that can think by synapse.
Additionally, I am innovating the entire process of agricultural production and distribution with cret. You can click on the badges in the content to go to the website!
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I also founded Blank the, which uses technology to help under-developed industries to solve problems like environmental pollution and educational inequality.


I write about various developments and market analysis. I write logs about diverse areas such as business management, full-stack development, robotics, and data analysis.

Incorporate a Company in South Korea on my own



From an opportunity and business perspective, I analyze the market thoroughly by examining particular statistics, conducting detailed interviews, and researching relevant companies.

Reflections on coding education in South Korea


The truth about fresh food distribution